Kristina Pyton is Design Leader and Gardener. Currently leading design at Etsy and running Mizutama Studio every other moment.


Over the past ~4 years at Etsy I’ve worked with Sellers, helping them achieve their goals of running and sustaining their small businesses. I led teams working on Pattern by Etsy, launched a new way for Sellers to grow their businesses, Etsy Plus and countless other projects. Powered with this deep understanding of Sellers, I am now leading teams redefining shopping on Etsy.

Previously at LearnVest, a financial start-up acquired by North Western Mutual, I led the Design org through the acquisition and was responsible for strategy, integration and execution of design direction and experiences across the organization. Prior to that I focused on creating the experience and visual direction for LearnVest's proprietary Financial Planning software as the Product Design Lead.

Reach out if you want to talk design or plants — contact@kristinapyton.com — Brooklyn, NY.