Case Study - Table

Why I took this class: As a product designer working at a startup, I don't always have the opportunity, as it is not always appropriate, to apply and produce documentation for all the phases in the design process. I wanted to take this opportunity to learn best practices, and get the sense of how and when to apply these from designers with experiences in the field. 

Case Study: Table -- A General Assembly UXD Class Final Project (completed class in November 2014)

Project Goal: Create an application that solves a user need

Problem: Busy professionals don't always have the time or energy to think ahead and plan meals, and therefore don't eat at home as often as they would like. 

Hypothesis: Create a meal recommending app that simplifies this task by providing smart meal recommendations based on their kitchen skills, time available and can even recommend recipes based on what they already have in their pantry. 

Outcome: Click image below to see full case study